founder & partner / product specialist & guide

Involved in the travel business since 2009, and since the foundation of Macedonia Experience focused on b2b (product development for partner companies). Jane is  actively promoting the most unique and "off-the-beaten-path" nature, culture and gastronomy experiences around Macedonia, always combined with meeting special hosts along the way. Lately also ocasionally guiding trips on the soft edge (culture, leisure & food). 



wine tourism specialist & author 

Ivana has been part of the wine trade since 2007, beginning as one of the co-founders and members of the board of the first Macedonian Wine Club, organizing wine tasting events, followed by co-authoring and publishing of the first Macedonian Wine Guide 2011 and the second edition of the guide in 2015. Today, Ivana is an international wine writer, critic and wine judge, having participated at some of the most prestigious wine competitions in Europe. Concours de Mondial, the Balkans International Wine Competition, the Serbian Wine & Spirits Competition, to name just a few. She has also lectured on specialised subjects promoting Macedonian wines at numerous wine festivals and fairs throughout Europe. Along with contributing to several magazines and wine publications she is also editor-in-chief of www.vino.mk, Macedonia's first online wine magazine, is a #winelover ambassador and maintains a personal blog www.ivanasimjanovska.com . As of 2013 she has been pursuing her Masters Degree in Enology at the Insitute of Agriculture in Skopje.


paragliding instructor & pilot

Aleksandar suffers from more than 10 years of addiction to paragliding. He loves exploring the nature from different perspectives, and is always willing to share his positive energy with people, especially while showing them the boundless sky from different perspectives. He also feels privileged for having the opportunity to use the paragliding to put a big smile on everyones' faces.  



horse riding guide & instructor

Vasko’s been promoting horse-back riding tourism for 4 years now. Life enduring passion for the horse-riding sport and the aversion towards the cities and their noisy environment make Vasko  spend most of his free time in the mountains of the Mavrovo National Park, namely the village of Galichnik, place of his family’s origin. Besides managing his own company, he works as horse riding guide for 6 months in the summers, and free-ride ski guidance is his passion in the winter months. 


caving guide & instructor  

Graduate of political science, Stole spends most of his free time in exploration of Macedonia's numerous caves, researching the bio-diversity and geo-morphological features, as well as on their protection. Apart from the cave guidance, he's also  licensed in cave rescue and has extensive experience in this area.


photography and architecture tours specialist

Our guide for photography and architecture tours Angel Sitnovski-Bojs is born and living in Skopje. He finished his architecture and arts studies in Skopje, and postgraduate architecture studies in Belgrade. He runs his architecture and urban planning firm "Arhangel-Bojs". Also, Angel is regular contributor/columnist in "Porta 3" from Skopje, magazine specialized in architecture and construction. In the periods 1994-1997 and 1998-2008 he was hosting radio show dedicated to jazz and rock in popular radio stations in Skopje. Bojs (his nickname) is a proud collectionner of over 25000 records and CDs from the jazz, rock and blues genres. As a life time cycling enthusiast, he also finds time to average 50-100k daily on his road bike. If you want to get deeper knowledge of the Skopje architecture and urban life (and the changes that took place in Skopje the last decades), Angel is the right man to guide you on a photography trip (by foot or by bike).


visual artist / climber / skier

Ilina is the first woman from the Balkans to reach the top of the world, Sagarmatha 8848m (2013), also did Aconcagua 6962m (solo climb in 2011), Ama Dablam 6856m (2011) & Matterhorn 4487m (2010). The new passion telemark skiing lead her to solo ski descent from Mt Elbrus 5642m (2014). Her climbing and mountaineering portfolio also includes: Guiding Kilimanjaro expedition in 2012, completing dozens of climbing routes around South East Asia, Europe, South and North America between 2007 an 2013. She also tried to climb Denali (6195m) in 2012, but reached up to 5100m, so that will be repeated. Aiming for the 7 summits. Apart from guidance around Macedonia, Ilina is also guiding Himalayan treks and climbs on demand. She's been involved in adventure travel since 2003 in: Macedonia, Malaysia, Nepal, Turkey, Sao Tome & Principe (Africa). Intensively promoting alternative tourism in Macedonia, especially through all season mountain activities.


mountaineer / mountain rescue & climbing instructor

Slobodan aka Danko is an experienced mountaineer, mountain rescuer and sport climber from Skopje, fellow with a strong passion for physical challenge and sports, as for the wondrous, uplifting power of mountains and nature. He just can’t stay put in the city and is constantly on a lifelong quest for new, exciting places and sports which can be enjoyed in the wild and beautiful outdoor sceneries of Macedonia. During his quests, Danko found and fell deeply in love with the undiscovered mountains of Macedonia. After having discovered so much, he simply felt compelled to share it all with people who have the same passion for mountains, adventure and adrenaline, so since 2009 he's founded PLANINA.


biker / MTB & hiking guide

New dimension of adventure on Bistra is being introduced by Marko and his company which offers mountain biking tours, accommodation/restaurant services and hiking tours during winter season. This mix from nature, adventure and tradition can be found at Marko’s workplace, in “BABA & DEDE” – Galichnik. Even though he is IT graduate, he found his passion outside the office, not in front of the computer, but in the vast highlands of the Miyak regions of Mavrovo. Marko is a regular at the highest peaks of Mt. Bistra, Medenica (2163) and Karbula (2148), giving the bike tours in the area a new dimension. Galichnik, as a center of culture and tradition, also birthplace of his forefathers, is best described by Marko, who has deep knowledge for the area. Apart from the biking tours, he is active with the "Galichnik Winter Adventures" project, with the mission to revive the winter tourism in Galichnik, which hasn't been present since the 1960s due to heavy snowfalls and closed road.