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With a mountainous area covering over 80% of its territory, Macedonia is a hiking destination with a great potential! Our tours are done in the following amazing areas:

Mavrovo national park – Mavrovo national park withits landscapes, lakes and forests, is one of the most beautiful areas in Macedonia. Encompassing a territory of 73.000ha, the Mavrovo area is the largest National Park in the country. In this magnificent park we offer day and multi-day hikes in the mountain ranges of Bistra (highest peak is Mt. Medenica - 2.163 m), Deshat and Korab (Mt. Golem Korab 2765m - highest peak of Macedonia and 3rd highest peak of the Balkans; Mt. Golem Krchin 2260m) 

Shar Planina - The Shar Mountains have a total area of 1600 km. 56,25% of that area is in the Republic of Macedonia, 43.12% in Kosovo, and 0,63% in Albania. There are three plains Sirinic, Vraca and Rudoka. The system is about 80 km long and 10–20 km wide. The mountain massif has been formed in the Tertiary Period. The most upper parts of the mountains have been frozen with large amounts of ice and snow. According to leading European encyclopedias, the compact grassy area on Shar Mountain is unrivaled to any mountain range in Europe. Our hiking day trips include one of many legendary peaks of Shar Planina, such as Mt. Titov Vrv (2.748 m), Mt. Ljuboten (2498m), Mt. Plat (2322m), and many others..

Galicica national park - The National Park Galicica is situated on Mount Galicica, that is a part of the mountain range of Sara-Pind. Due to its exceptional natural beauty and extremely opulent and endemic flora and fauna, in 1958 the Macedonian section of the mountain was proclaimed a National Park. The Park covers an area of 227 km2 between the Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa, and it stretches in a meridian direction. The main geological surface on the major part of Mount Galicica are Paleozoic metamorphic silicates covered with 500-550 m horizons of massive limestone that have spongy structure and are highly porous. The massif has developed relief with large and deep valleys and a vast mountain crest that in the southern part of Galicica reaches the altitude of more than 2,000 m. We arrange hikes to the peaks of Mt. Magaro (2254m), Mt. Lakoj Signoj (2000m).

Mt. Jablanica - Jablanica is located on the Macedonia-Albania border near the town of Struga west of Lake Ohrid and the river Black Dream. The highest peak on Mount Jablanica is the Black Rock (Crn Kamen, Црн Камен) at 2257 meters (7404 feet) above sea level.

Pelister national park - Pelister is one of the first protected national parks in the Balkans. Due to the relict of the tertiary flora – Molika (Pinus Peuce Griseb), and the morphological and glacial relief in the alpine part of the mountain, in 1948 Pelister was declared a National Park. The National Park of Pelister sits aside Macedonia’s southern borderline with Greece, running along the Baba Mountain (the third-highest in Macedonia). It is located only 15 km (9 m) from Macedonia’s second biggest city Bitola, and makes for an invigorating natural escape from urban life. Pelister is characterized by lush, well-watered forests and unique geological formations, which include layers of Paleozoic and Mesozoic magma rock and layers of quartz. The core of the mountain is made of granite, some even 465 million years old. The mountain has a large number of peaks higher than 2000 meters (6,500 feet) separated by deep valleys. Mt. Pelister itself stands magisterially at 2,601 meters (8,533 feet) high. The park is also rich in springs, streams and rivers, and contains two glacial lakes locally known as the Mountain’s Eyes. Pelister is also known for its two mountain lakes, which are called Pelister's Eyes. The Big lake is 2,218 metres above the sea level while the Small lake is 2,180 metres high. Here are the sources of many rivers. The climate in Pelister National Park is diverse. On the peaks, there is snow even in July, and in some places the new snow meets the old from previous years. We offer hikes to Mt. Pelister (2601m), Golemo Ezero (Big Lake)..

Skopje - there is abundance of hiking trails in the vicinity of Skopje, on the mountains of Skopska Crna Gora, Vodno, Matka canyon and Karadzica.


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- Transportation (departures can be arranged from Skopje, Ohrid or Bitola)

- Guidance by experienced mountain guide

- Lunch (selection of traditional dishes from locally sourced ingredients; welcome drink included) 

- Entrance fees in national parks 

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- Hiking shoes
- Warm clothing (in winter months)
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- Locations: Skopje area / Shar Planina area / Mavrovo national park / Pelister national park / Galicica national park / Jablanica

- Group size: 1-12 persons

- We can design multi-day hiking itinerary in the above mentioned areas, but also add other hiking areas around Macedonia such as Galichica, Pelister, Plachkovica, Belasica, Osogovo, Maleshevo 

- Best time to go: Year round

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