City of Bargala / Bezisten / Isar fortress

City of Bargala

Bargala is located south-east of Stip, by the Bregalnica river. Last archeological researches, discovers that the period of late antique and the early Christian period was fill out with plenty monuments. The late Roman period was in a good mood in the place of Bargala and the region of the river Kozjak. In the 4th and 5th century AD, Bargala became important and well known strong cultural and religious center.

Bargala was spread on 5 hectares of land. It was protected by a walls with height of 2,2 meters. The Christian complex is contained by a 4 basilicas, 3 big and 1 small. Also there was a residence for the episcope. The city was in the part of the province middle Dachiya. In the literature is first mentioned in the year of 451 AD, in the list of the meeting of Halkedon, where the episcope Dardanius from Bargala is written right near the episcope Nikola from Stobi. The both of them were mentioned in the group of episcopes of Macedonia. Not far from Bargala was discovered the ruins of the ancient city of Astibo, near Stip.

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The bezisten is an old Turkish market, located in the center of Stip. It is built of stone, and it is supposed to have originated from the 16th or the 17th century. Today, this construction is being used as an art gallery.

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Isar fortress

Isar fortress is located between the rivers Bregalnica and Otinja. Exact records of the time of the construction of the fortress have not been found. Some of the 19m high fortress walls have been preserved. During the middle ages, churches were built on all four sides of the fortress. In 1332, they built a church dedicated to St. Archangel Michael. The second church, built in 1341, was dedicated to St. Nikola, and a few years later, the third church - which has been preserved in its original form until the present day. The last church dedicated to St. Vasilie, was located on the north side of the fortress, and it was built in 1337.

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